Thunder of Thor, the Slot from the Valkyrie saga

You’ll probably run into this guy at some point if you spend much time at all playing slot machines online. Depending on your point of view, Thor (or órr in Old Norse) is the quintessential man’s man. When he’s not imbibing and dining, he’s smashing his way through enemies and monsters with the help of Mjolnir, his legendary hammer. It’s easy to get swept up in the Thor mythos if you let him. Before you know it, you’re drinking mead out of horn cups and wearing an amazing cloak. In light of that, we were excited to give Valhalla Saga: Thunder of Thor a go, and we hoped that it would live up to the game’s legendary reputation.

The studio’s immensely successful ‘Vikings Go’ series of slots fueled our hopes for this Yggdrasil and Jelly cooperation. There was universal acclaim for the Valhalla Saga finale, Thunder of Thor. It’s visually appealing in a subdued sense, with a grid of five reels and thirty paylines set against a foreboding northern landscape that might be anywhere from Iceland to Scandinavia (and beyond, as it’s been suggested that Vikings arrived in North America over 500 years before Columbus). The hammer Mjolnir rests on one side of the screen, while the Buy Bonus button occupies the other. Up until this point, everything has been OK.

Valhalla Saga: Thunder of Thor may be played on any platform, and bets range from 20 percent to £/€80. The game generates decent statistics overall, beginning with a theoretical return value of 95.9% and culminating in a large maximum victory for lucky warriors. The bigger prizes may be won during a bonus round in which jackpots or money symbols are placed in the frame places.

To begin, a quick rundown of the regulations, such as the fact that a winning combination is created when at least three identical symbols appear on one of the thirty paylines in a left-to-right fashion. The symbols also have an aesthetic appeal. Intricately designed 10-A royals have been employed for the low payouts, while cups, axes, longships, and Thors are worth 10-25 times your stake and have been utilized for the high pays. Mjolnir reappears, this time as the wild symbol that may appear in any position and substitute for any other symbol except the scatter. During the Thunder of Thor multiplier, which will be discussed shortly, wilds also occur with multipliers.

Slot Features from the Valkyrie Chronicles’ Thunder of Thor

While PowerLinks frames places on the reels and fills them with money symbols during the Thor Free Spins bonus round, the random additional Thunder of Thor can activate at any time during the main game.

Lightning from Thor

Any given spin has a chance of having this effect applied to it. When it goes off, it adds wild symbols to the reels that may multiply wins by 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, or 100 times. Wild multipliers only apply once per win line, and Thunder of Thor does not guarantee a win.

Bonus Turns for Thor

If you manage to get 5 scatters anywhere on the reels, you’ll enter the bonus game and receive 5 extra spins. PowerLinks are wooden frames placed at the points where scatter symbols activate. When fresh scatter symbols appear during the bonus round, they not only designate locations with wooden frames, but also trigger the bonus. If many scatters fall into a spot that already has a wooden frame, that frame will be upgraded to a bronze frame, then a silver frame, a gold frame, and eventually a fire frame. Each framed spot is awarded a bet multiplier symbol or the jackpot after the free spins feature concludes. These incentives might take the form of:

The odds on wood might be 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, or 5x.

Mini jackpot (25x), 15x, 20x, and 10x bronze.

Minor jackpot (100x) or Silver (30x, 40x, 50x, 75x) payouts.

Gains of 125x, 150x, 175x, 200x, or 250x qualify for Gold.

The fire multipliers are 400x, 500x, 600x, 750x, and Mega jackpot (1,000x).

Spin Again Bonus

A respin bonus may be awarded if players are successful in landing four scatter symbols. To increase the odds of getting the fifth scatter and so unlocking the bonus, this respins the remaining reels.

Incentives to Purchase

Another possibility is to just purchase free spins. This will immediately start the free spins bonus round but will cost you 60 times your initial wager.

The Thunder of Thor Slots in the Valhalla Saga

After giving it a try, I found Valhalla Saga Thunder of Thor to be a passable way to pass the time in a bleak northern region without getting too bogged down in the mythology. In fact, gamers looking for an intense Thor experience may be disappointed. Unlike Power of Thor Megaways or the original Thunderstruck II, Valhalla Saga: Thunder of Thor isn’t as in-your-face. Also, it doesn’t have the same level of character as Yggdrasil’s Vikings Go line.

So then, what’s left? What’s left after contrasting Valhalla Saga Thunder of Thor with similar slot machines is a fun experience, but one with a more subdued aesthetic. It reminds me of a Marvel comic in which Thor is in a reflective mood rather than tearing across the multiverse bashing skulls. That’s good news for players who would rather not have lightning strikes thrown at them every other spin and would rather focus on their efforts to win the game.

Of course, the PowerLinks mechanism is at its most effective during the bonus round. It’s a little bit unique, and the way the feature concludes by placing random reward values in frames may be thrilling, especially for those in privileged situations. It’s like opening presents; you never know what’s going to happen next. The function can also increase your payouts, up to ten thousand times your wager.

You’d think that a firm called Yggdrasil would have gone all out to wow gamers with its Norse Mythology video game. The developers of Valhalla Saga: Thunder of Thor deserve credit for pulling out all the efforts to create a potentially fascinating game that is yet unlikely to displace any of the ‘Vikings Go’ slots from their perch as Yggdrasil’s best Norse-themed slots.






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